Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Subway. Eat Crap.

I happened across a list of ingredients per menu item for US Subways today (here).

Firstly, I don't ever eat there because I'm not too big on subway sandwiches, and secondly, I've always scoffed at their marketing ploys to try to get you to think that stuff is healthy. I'm not sure a giant piece of refined-flour bread topped with processed meats, sugary sauces, and limp, pale iceberg lettuce can be considered more healthful than any other fast-food restaurant. Turns out my scoffing was not misplaced. Here's just a little excerpt from this gem of a document on their bread alone:

There are about 40 ingredients too many, many of which you probably don't even recognize as ingredients. Oh yeah, I cook with DATEM and calcium chloride aaall the time! Again, the further processed something is, the less likely your body is going to be best friends with it because it's likely devoid of nutritional value.

This led me down a path of learning what other ingredients we don't expect to find in meals that someone else cooked. This article sources its information from the fast food chain's website itself.

All fast food is fast food.

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