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Austin for hippies

Hiya, I'm ixi, a quintessentially weird wedding photographer, original ATX local, and a self-described modern hippie. So if you're visiting Austin and you'd call yourself hip, hipster, or hippie, you don't care about sports and going to the state capitol, you're drawn to the wonderfully weird, and you want the insider's scoop on what you should eat and do, you came to the right blog post. Revel in the tacos and music and awesome! This blog is a constant work in progress and at this time is woefully empty but don't worry, it will be stuffed, just like your face after going to:


BBQ Revolution - $$

Vegan BBQ! Git it!
Photo credit: Yelp user Errol M.

Hopdoddy - $$

Gourmet medium-rare hamburgers, including grass-fed beef options and things like goat cheese and pesto and beer on tap
Location: SoCo and north central
TIP: For the love of gahd, do not go during peak lunch and dinner times unless you are prepared to wait in line for a good 30+ minutes.
Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.32.00 PM
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Thai Fresh - $$

Seriously some of the best Thai food I've ever had, also with all grass-fed/pasture-raised meat options. Excellent vegan and vegetarian options. All the desserts are vegan, including the coconut-milk ice cream, and many are gluten-free too!
Location: South 1st/ S Lamar
TIP: Get the Pad Prik Khing or the Drunken Noodles, and maybe a local Wunderpilz kombucha or craft beer. This restaurant also doubles as a coffee shop so feel free to bring work! The staff attitude tends to be...ambivalent. They are about to introduce table service so we'll see how that goes! Don't expect it to be cheap, but it's excellent.
Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.30.13 PM
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Thai Cuisine - $

The other awesome Thai place with the best Tom Kha I've ever had.
Location: Northwest
TIP: If you go during lunch, you can get an entire buffet of appetizers included in your meal! But go before 11:30 OR after 1, or you'll be waiting in line for a really, really long time. And get the King's Curry or Pad Woon Sen.
Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.34.56 PM
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If you need to eat at 4 in the morning, this is your place. Basic cafe infused with great Tex-Mex options!
Location: South Austin
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Ramen Tatsu-ya - $$

Authentic, damn-good ramen. Vegan ramen available on Sundays (hey, it's a start).
Location: North and South Austin
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Torchy's Tacos - $

Always busy, but for good reason. Creative, tex-mex tacos with liberal use of avocado.
Location: Everywheres
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Peter Pan Mini Golf

BYOB, entertaining, amazing. Go at night if you prefer to avoid children. 
Location: South Austin
Copyright shawn mcharg

Graffiti Park

Ever-changing and awesome. Just go and bring your camera!
Location: Clarksville
TIP: Wear hiking attire (or just avoid sandals and skirts) if you want to climb to the top. It's kinda rough. Also, poison ivy EVERYWHERE.

Museum of Ephemerata

Super bizarre and wonderful one-room museum in the back of someone's house. They are super delighted in everything they've found and you probably will be too!
Location: East
TIP: Tours are on Saturday at 4pm, but you can call to arrange one with them. Also check out their website to see if there are any wacky special events happening!


Parts & Labour

Homygahd, this place is amazing. It's also the perfect place to bring home a souvenir that's not tired and cliched. I bought a local, hand-made unicorn headband there.
Location: SoCo


Similar to Parts & Labour, but a lot more weird goodness! It's one of those stores that just keeps going and going and going...
Location: North Austin (Burnet)



Amy's Ice CreamsLick Honest Ice Creams

TIP: All local, grass-fed milk and local, seasonal ingredients

Yeti Frozen Custard



Alamo Drafthouse

WARNING. I don't recommend their food. It's a bad value and I've given them feedback already. Consider pre-eating unless you want to spend $20 on lame food. Per person. BUT, they have beer and fantastic pre-show entertainment. Or go to a special quote-along or Rocky Horror every Saturday at midnight. If you just want to see a cheap movie, go to the discount theater in northwest Austin. If you want an experience and want to be surrounded by other moviegoers that take the experience just as seriously as you do, go here!



Gorgeousness. It's also huge, so if you ask someone where the greenbelt is you'll get 5 different answers. My favorite spot hands down is Sculpture Falls, which is a good 40-minute hike through the forest, but at the end of that rainbow trail is a hippie pot (of gold) complete with slack liners, guitars, and beautiful people half naked.
Location: southwest (edge of the hill country)

St Edward's Park

I call it my secret park.

Barton Springs Pool

A mainstay for Austinites and also a good tourist spot. GREAT for people watching and acroyoga, but it's absolutely frigid.
TIP: Consider staying outside the water unless you're prepared to just jump in and scream. Also arrive fed; the food sucks. Bring cash!


Empire Control RoomPlushThe Parish


TIP: They don't really have a website or a social media presence. To stay in the loop, sign up for their newsletter!



Nancy's Sky GardenEnchanted Rock

TIP: This rock is a giant motherfuckin' lava bubble of pink granite. GO.

Krause Springs

TIP: You won't believe you're in Texas when you're looking up at this idyllic waterfall with dripping fairy vines. So refreshing!


Kerbey Lane

I know, it's total blasphemy for me to say this, but Kerbey Lane is an Austin institution that used to be delicious and funky and now I find it to be mediocre and a really poor value. Sometimes the food is decent but not $15+ decent. This is just my opinion. A better alternative is Magnolia Cafe!

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