Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thai red curry with salmon

Thai Fresh is even better than you thought
Did you know that Thai Fresh on West Mary street has a coffee shop (Thrice), homemade ice cream and sorbet, cooking classes, local soaps and produce, and Thai ingredients in addition to all their awesome Thai food? What that is, is totally awesome. 

I went in there on Saturday to get ice cream but walked out with a bell pepper and some red Thai curry paste. I'm sure the opposite is usually true. That night, I made grilled asparagus, wild rice with diced mushrooms, and wild-caught Alaskan salmon. The theme of this dish was curry, which I sprinkled liberally on everything. It was great! But we only ate 2/3 of the salmon. 

Leftovers + curry paste = a beautiful concept
After stopping by the HOPE Farmers Market for some green things, I headed over to Central Market at Westgate to get the ingredients I needed for my spontaneous Thai meal that wasn't at the market (bell peppers, onions, and coconut milk). By the way, there was a young man at HOPE that had never been to a farmers market before, and asked a farmer where the bananas were. The farmer was polite, but smiled and said "There aren't ever any bananas at the farmers market". Poor dude. I hope he got his bananas eventually.

Anywho, I decided I would use some leftover ingredients that were begging to be combined with red, spicy goodness: King Soba brand Thai rice noodles and the curried salmon. Perfection! The rice noodles were cooked for absolutely no reason. I had boiled some beets and didn't want the beautiful, nutritious, pink water to go to waste, so I threw in some rice noodles and said "someday I'll eat these. Because they're pink." That day was today. Tonight. Whatever. 

Concept becomes reality

  • Thai red curry paste
  • Coconut milk (full fat, baby, yeah!)
  • Cooked salmon
  • Onion
  • Red bell pepper
  • Bamboo shoots

I dropped some coconut oil in my skillet and sauteed them onions and peppers until I couldn't stand it anymore. Did I mention that the entire time I was at the market, store, and cooking, I was ravenous? Terrible idea. Terrible. 

I looked at the instructions for the curry, which asked me to stir-fry the paste with coconut milk. Stir-fry a sauce? Well, OK! I basically just poured in the liquids and mixed it around for a little while.

Approximately 30 seconds later I decided to just put everything in and let it simmer, because damnit, I was hungry.

It. Is. Glorious. It's just as good as anything I order at a Thai restaurant. Or maybe I'm just so hungry and I have no idea what's good or bad anymore, but I think I'm thinking clearly, here. I'll know for sure tomorrow when I have it for leftovers.

I also knew I'd run out of beet-colored rice noodles after my second portion, so I grabbed this rice stick and boiled half the bag for the rest of the glorious leftovers. 

Want tips for buying salmon? Check out this post.

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