Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let food be thy medicine

I really like this one-panel comic. I like to think that good health is a combination of many things, but what you put inside you is certainly one of the biggest factors. I'd rather eat a head of lettuce than swallow some pills to get healthy and stay healthy. I like to think that our bodies are capable of healing more than we realize, we just have to give it the resources it needs. I've watched documentaries and read articles stating that most people can completely reverse diabetes just by changing their diet, and I believe it.
Personally, I use a combination of food (I include herbs in that bunch) and drugs to get me through something tough, but usually I go for the drugs whenever I am super miserable, like I can't go to sleep or swallow. Otherwise, I find that avoiding sugar, eating lots of (usually raw) plants, sipping on things that sooth my aching body and my soul like soup and tea, swallowing immune-system-boosting herbs, and BEING HAPPY does the trick.

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