Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't believe everything you read

Yesterday I came across this lovely picture on Facebook, asking the capitalized question: "Can You Guess What McDonald’s Food Item This Is?"

At first I was like, "uh...strawberry soft-serve." But then I remembered seeing on How It's Made (TV show) footage of someone mixing what would soon become the insides of hot dogs, and it looked just like this. Gross. But it said it was from McDonald's, so I figured it must be mechanically separated chicken for their nuggets.
I decided to do some research. Snopes had posted this article, and says that law requires companies to label mechanically separated meat as such. Apparently, McDonald's does use white chicken meat for their nuggets, not mechanically separated chicken. I know, hard to believe. I hope Micky D's isn't lying, though, because that's always possible.
The article debunks a few untruths but also backs several of them up, and I think most people would be pretty grossed out by those truths. 
I guess the moral of the story is you should definitely be grossed out by processed foods in general, but sometimes it pays to do a little research when something seems too gross to be true.

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